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Music videos, clips, ads and animations

  • Riviera Saints cinema commercial
  • Les bains de Saillon
  • Montreux Noël 2011
  • The Graves - Something crazy
  • Junior Entreprise HEC
  • Harrah's Vegas
  • Finale Riviera Saints 2010
  • Reo - Juste toi & moi
  • Montreux JIB Festival
  • Colloque Marketing Innovation
  • Solo Dos promo Clip
  • Finale Riviera Saints 2009

What we’d love to do for you

Editing, editing and more editing. Oh and also 3D, title animations, corporate videos, live events...


From start to finish, once it’s done, it’s done. We promise.

At Bad Cow we like to develop websites and not manage them afterwards.

We handle your project and create a handy and very complete online managing system that will let you change the content of your website all by yourself.

Once the deal is done, we give you all access and you never have to open your wallet again. Nice!
How we build a website

We also take care of

Hosting, emails, indexing (for good ranking on search engines), URL rewritting, ...

A few samples


We ‘could’ help you look good... huh, I mean better

We do print
Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, Stickers & other offset prints
... and branding
A strong visual identity is important, we'll create a logo for to help you shine

What we do, how & why

Keeping it short & sexy

BadCow is an independant video and web producing team, mostly self-taught. It is active in all kinds of genres and will gadly discover new territories to conquer.

We speak french and english, love to travel and eat meat (never other cows).

We enjoy making stuff happen and are full of energy and motivation to accomplish stuff. In this new digital era, you can do alot with computers and social skills. There’s a lot to learn, and we would love to know more every day.

Our values ( what's inside the cow )

Creativity, Honesty, Liberty, Versatilty and Randomness are our values


Let's get in touch

Joshua Preiswerk